A league of legends desktop client.

Designed to give you the best of different alternatives, like Mobalytics or Blitz, for free, and with in-game information as well.

#leagueoflegends #notweb
Python - 2020


A machine learning low mood tracker and correlator.

Designed to help people improve their low mood as much as possible without human assistance.

#helping #important #health #machinelearning
PHP, JS - 2016


A user management system.

Handmade as a base for most of applications that have user accounts as well as anyone else requiring a secure, simple, and ready to go user management system.

#important #foundational
PHP - 2014


A wallpaper aggregator and tagger.

Made to collect and classify wallpapers based on a large numer of factors from public APIs.

#wallpapers #notweb
Python - 2015

Are You Awake?

A machine learning friend conciousness tracker.

Created to enable people to see if their friends are awake or not based on social media activity, habits, and whether or not they said they would be.

#machinelearning #socialmedia
PHP - 2015


A social media network designed for sharing AQW bots.

Developed to allow the creation, sharing, and use of Adventure Quest World bots while managing Artix Entertainment’s DMCA requests.

PHP - 2015


A World of Warcraft Auction House availability monitor.

Forged to make it easier for those seeking elusive items on the auction house to acquire items quickly and as cheaply as possible.

#helping #gaming
Python - 2016

Netflix Scripts

A collection of scripts to automate some Netflix usage.

Spawned in order to make using some aspects of Netflix much easier, such as migrating accounts.

#helping #extension
JS - 2015


A social media themer.

Crafted to establish a continuity in design among several popular social networks including 4chan and reddit.

#socialmedia #extension
JS - 2014